To all of our lovely customers,

As the very busy Christmas shopping season is already underway, we have taken some time to evaluate our shipping rates to make them as effective as possible.

Due to an earlier than usual increase of demand in the service, Royal Mail have seen some delays in postage times around the country, particularly for Second Class post. Because of this, to ensure that all orders placed before the Christmas Cut Off date are received before Christmas, we will be temporarily removing free second class delivery from the 25th November until the 1st December.

 We are also strongly recommending that any orders placed outside of these dates still opt for 1st Class Post as Royal Mail tend to strongly prioritise this over 2nd in times of service disruption.

This year our Christmas Cut Off date is 1st December. If you aren't familiar with how we operate at Christmas that means that for guaranteed delivery before Christmas you will need to place your order by the end of trade on 1st of December to allow our turnaround time to handmake and / or personalise your order. After that date we will also be considering releasing a limited amount of 'priority slots' weekly in the run up to Christmas but this will depend on how quickly we can dispatch our existing orders.

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to contact us on our social medias or via




  • Lynsey Irvine said:

    Royal Mail at their best but of course you always think ahead & have the customers at the front of your head. Little squidges always deliver

    August 02, 2022

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