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Welcome to our Create Your Own Service! This is bespoke service allowing you to request custom made garments from us to your own specific design. Anything goes!


How It Works


- To start the process, you will simply need to send us an email at requesting a custom design. To ease the process, please enter the subject title as ‘Create Your Own Request - *yournamehere*’ (This will make it easier for us to categorise and refer back to email).

- Enter in a description of the item you are requesting, it can be as brief or as detailed as you like, but the more information you include the quicker the process is likely to be. For reference you may like to take a look around our website to familiarise yourself with the garments, vinyls, and colours we already stock. If you are planning to purchase other items from our website at the same time, please let me know as I will be able to put it through as one transaction. Please allow up to 3 days for a reply to this email.

- I will then enter into conversation with you as soon as I can to first clarify any details needed and then to quote the price of the item requested. Should this be accepted I will then send an invoice via paypal for the quoted amount plus delivery (plus any other items from the website you wish to add to the order.

- Once payment has been made the order will be added to our system and created within the turnaround time. Please note due to the extra work and attention these items need they do have an extended turnaround time of up to 28 days.



As every item will be different, prices will vary based on the materials and time needed to complete each garment. The following are BASE PRICES only, and will be adjusted accordingly to suit the quote.

Toddler’s T-Shirt (0-6 Years) - £13

Toddler’s Long Sleeved Tee (0-6 Years) - £14

Children’s T-Shirt (7-14 Years, choice of girls or boys fit) - £13

Toddler’s Hooded T-Shirt (0-6 Years) - £14.99

Sweatshirts (0-14 Years) - £15.99

Onesies (6 Months – 3 Years) - £18.99

Pinafore Dungarees (6 Months – 6 Years) - £16

Pyjama Sets (6 Months – 6 Years) - £18

Babygrows (Newborn – 12 Months) - £14

Pull On Fleece Hoodies (6 Months – 6 Years) - £16

Zip Up Fleece Hoodies (6 Months – 6 Years) - £16

Adult T-Shirt (S – XXL, choice of mens or ladies fit) - £15.99

Adult Hoodies (S – XXL, Unisex fit) - £23.99

Adult Sweatshirts (S – XXL, Unisex fit) - £19

Adult Snoodies (S – XXL, Unisex fit) - £30

Other Garments By Request will be quoted based on supply price

As mentioned, other aspects taken into account will be materials used such as vinyls or embroidery, and the time needed to design the garment. For example, an Toddler T-Shirt featuring a simple text quote of the customers choosing will likely be quoted at the base price above, where one containing an image I have had to create using multilayers of vinyl will be quoted a higher price to allow for more vinyl used and more time spent designing.

Other Details


  • As previously mentioned, our turnaround for Create Your Own items is 28 days instead of our standard 21. This is because we need time to design the item in addition to creating it by hand. We always endeavour to dispatch items as soon as possible but please do not enquire order updates before this time frame.
  • Quotes are strictly non-negotiable. If you are not satisfied with the price you are not under any obligation to purchase.
  • We will always provide a design draft of your item before we create it, allowing you to confirm or request changes before we finalise and create it. We want you to receive the item exactly as you want it and will always endeavour to honour feedback, however should the requested changes differ significantly from the original request we will consider amendment of the price quoted.
  • Please do not send screenshots. These are considerably lower quality than a genuine image and will result in us having to find specific images ourselves, potentially increasing the quote price.
  • Payments must be made in full before designing starts, we will not supply any design drafts until the order has been placed.
  • We are a small business and as such we will not copy or adapt any designs originally owned by other shops. We appreciate your loyalty but we would hate for this to be done to us so we will not do it to others.
  • Lastly, please note due to the nature of this service, items purchased are not subject to sales and/or discount codes. Any use of discount codes will result in the quote being cancelled.

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Please contact us with any queries.

Thank you

Little Squidges

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